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6 Steps for Everlasting Change

Position yourself for Change While there are no specific steps to take to change, there are specific steps to position yourself for optimal change. 1 – Know the Truth There is a difference between knowing facts and experiencing the facts in a loving relationship with Christ. Knowing the facts does not change you. It is … Read More

7 Steps to Healing

Forgiveness or Healing Which comes first? Do we forgive first then experience healing? Or, do we experience healing which allows us to forgive? I’ve been pondering this for several months now. The more I think about it, the more it does appear to be a “chicken and egg” question. An Important Question Why is this … Read More

Healing Your Brain

Healing – Become Like A Child If you want to experience healing, we must first become like a child. Jesus said we are to become like little children if we are going to enter His kingdom (Matthew 18:1-6). What does it mean to become like a child? What does this have to do with healing? … Read More