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Abuse of Power

God’s Actions Count More No matter what happens to us apart from God, God’s actions always count more. Why is this such an important truth? To be Human is to be Vulnerable Our actions affect others to the degree they are vulnerable. God made us able to be vulnerable, but he also gave us the … Read More

7 Steps to Healing

Forgiveness or Healing Which comes first? Do we forgive first then experience healing? Or, do we experience healing which allows us to forgive? I’ve been pondering this for several months now. The more I think about it, the more it does appear to be a “chicken and egg” question. An Important Question Why is this … Read More


What is it good for? Forgivess is supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. It heals conflict within people, between people, and between people and God. Forgiveness removes bitterness, a cancerous blockage that infects and destroys people and relationships. Failure to forgive is often the main obstacle to moving forward in freedom. Forgive can be broken … Read More